Roger Waters Invites US Government To Indict Him Of Treason Alongside Julian Assange

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Sky News

It is no secret Roger Waters believes Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is an innocent man.

Earlier this month the former Pink Floyd visionary appeared at a London rally where he vocally objected to the UK and US government’s treatment of the controversial public figure.

(Currently detained in England and facing an extradition hearing, Assange faces 18 charges of espionage and a 175-year prison sentence if deported to the US.)

In 2010 Assange played a pivotal role in releasing classified documents on US military activities in Iraq and Iran, an act considered to be one of the largest compromises of classified government information in the history of the United States.

Appearing on US talk show Tucker Carson’s Tonight, Waters elevated on his personal connection to the Assange affair.

I had justs started a tour when the ‘Collateral’ video came out,” Roger Waters stated, referring to a video leaked by Assange which depicts members of the US army killing noncombatants and two journalists during an Iraq War airstrike in 2007.

I included Collateral’ video in the tour,” he continues, “If he is guilty so am I. I should be standing in the dock with him. They wouldn’t have to extradite me, I’m in New York City.”

Waters adds he displayed the video every night three years of his 2010 to 2013 ‘The Wall’ tour.

Waters expressed his objections to the conditions on which Assange was being held in prison the UK and dismissed the sexual assault charges as a ‘concoction’ by members Swedish government.

(Until recently Assange also faced charges of sexual assault in Sweden, which supporters contend were falsified. These charges were dropped last November.)

I am representing the thoughts of ordinary people who believe in the law, freedom, and the freedom of the press and free speech,” Waters shared in another interview with Sky News earlier this month.

Roger Waters’ 2020 US tour will commence this June.

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