Liam Gallagher Has Revealed Tame Impala Is One Of His Favourite Australian Acts

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Press

As fans of Liam Gallagher may already know, the former Oasis vocalist has in past used Tame Impala‘s ‘Lucidity’ as part of his pre-show playlist.

In a new interview with tone-deaf, Liam made his fondness official, namechecking Tame Impala first in a short list of favorite Australian acts.

“I mean, obviously you’ve got your Tame Impala,” he said. “You’ve got Holy Holy. I like them, I’ve seen them a few times. Then, who’s that other band? Gang Of Youths! And you’ve got the DMA’s out there.”

“To be fair, you’ve always had a good music scene and it always seems to be healthy, even though we don’t get to hear all of it,” he continued “It just seems to be a really good, healthy music scene so fair play to ya’s, man.”

It might be reciprocal. In a 2013 NME interview at Glastonbury, he expressed his hopes that Liam and feuding brother Noel could reunite onstage.

Circling back to ‘Lucidity’, Parker recently pleased fans by playing the song live for the first time in six years in Dallas, Texas.

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