New John Lennon Documentary To Chronicle Final Year Of Beatle’s Life

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Press

At the close of 1980, the wind was in John Lennon‘s wings.

After a 5-year recording hiatus, he had once again found inspiration.

Releasing his fifth album Double Fantasy in November, the former Beatle returned to the public consciousness.

It looked like John Lennon’s long and storied career as an artist would now continue for many years to come.

Had he lived.

Tragically John was shot dead by a mentally-ill fan on December 8, 1980, after returning home with wife Yoko Ono from what would be his final recording session.

(Lennon had eerily foreshadowed the event in 1969 when he repeatedly sang the barley audile line “shoot me” on Abbey Road single ‘Come Together’.)

Having put John Lennon’s last moments under the microscope, Reda Films will now release a new documentary chronicling the Beatle’s final year.

Titled John Lennon: The Final Year, the film will coincide with the 40th anniversary of Lennon’s death.

The documentary will include never-before-seen footage and interviews provided by those who spent time with the Beatle in 1980.

This groundbreaking film gives exclusive access to people who were part of John Lennon’s life during his final year,” shares Red Films representative Lilla Hurst. “[It] sheds light on a part of his life that hasn’t been previously revealed. We were fascinated by this story as soon as it was brought to us and we look forward to launching the film to the content industry.”

I think I’ve had two lives,John Lennon shared in one interview shortly before his death. “The first one has ended wonderfully – and now the second is about to begin.

The new one will be even better,” he reflected, “because I am more at peace with myself and with Yoko. God, I almost lost her once, but that’s going just fine now.”

Had John Lennon lived he would have turned 80 this October.

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