Olivia Harrison Pays Tribute To George Harrison On Beatle’s 77th Birthday

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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This beautiful man,” George Harrison‘s wife Olivia Harrison writes via her official Instagram account.

“[George was] born about now,” she shares, making the statement at around 11 pm Greenwich Mean Time “even though he always celebrated on Feb 25th.”

“It was wartime,” she explains, “and clocks went back an hour for lights out or blackout blinds down, so it was 24th and 25th.”

Harrison was born in Liverpool midway through the second World War.

The city’s status as one of England’s largest ports made it a frequent target for German air raids.

(Liverpool was also Britain’s gateway to US culture, something which would have a profound effect on George and his fellow Beatles later in life.)

Olivia ends her message with some closing thoughts on the former Beatle, who passed away from cancer in 2001:

Pisces, duality, elusive, wonderful. Happy Birthday George.”

George Harrison and Olivia met in 1974.

Like her husband, Olvia shared a strong interest in meditation and married him four years later.

Together they have one child, Dhani Harrison in 1978.

In her post-Olivia explains that contrary to the official record, the exact day pf George’s birth is ambiguous.

George Harrison would write several love songs about his second wife including ‘Dark Sweet Lady‘ and ‘Beautiful Girl‘.

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