Ozzy Obsourne Reveals The Influence Of The Beatles In New Interview

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Brian Dufft

When I heard the Beatles,Black Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne shares in a new interview with Blabbermouth, “I knew what I wanted to do.”

My son says to me,” he continues, “‘Dad, I like the Beatles, but why do you go so crazy?'”

The only way I can describe it,” Ozzy explains, “is like this, ‘Imagine you go to bed today and the world is black and white and then you wake up, and everything’s in color. That’s what it was like!’ That’s the profound effect it had on me.”

I remember it like it was yesterday,” Osbourne then reflects, recalling the first time he ever heard The Fab Four during the early 1960s. “I was walking around with a transistor radio on my shoulder. And ‘She Loves You came on. And, I don’t know, it just went, ‘Bang! And that’s what I want to do! Wouldn’t it be great?‘”

The full conversation here.


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