Paul McCartney To Release ‘Flaming Pie’ Deluxe Edition

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Linda McCartney

10th Paul McCartney album Flaming Pie is set for a deluxe reissue.

Rumors of the 1997 album’s rerelease have abounded since Amazon leaked the collection’s title and identification number in January.

Now, a new packshot leaked by music retailer HMV confirms the deluxe edition’s contents.

The image reveals the Flaming Pie deluxe edition to be a 5 CD and 2 DVD boxed set.

A double CD and double vinyl LP package, as well as a triple vinyl variant, will also be available for purchase.

The HMV leak sets the Flaming Pie collection’s release date for July 24.

Arriving in 1997 and following the BeatlesAnthology project the album was widely regarded as a return to form.

I came off the back of The Beatles Anthology with an urge to do some new music,” Paul McCartney wrote of Flaming Pie in the album’s liner notes. “The Anthology was very good for me because it reminded me of the Beatles standards and the standards that we reached with the songs. So in a way, it was a refresher course that set the framework for this album.”

Watching the Anthology,” he continued, “also reminded me of the time that we didn’t take to make an album and of the fun we had when we did one. The Beatles were not a serious group. So I wanted to try to get back into some of that, to have some fun and not sweat it. That’s been the spirit of making this album.”

Paul McCartney took the title of the album from the famous anecdote John Lennon related to journalists when asked about how the Beatles devised their name.

It came in a vision,” Lennon would famously recount, “a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them, ‘from this day on you are Beatles with an A.’ And we are!

UPDATE: Flaming Pie has now been confirmed for a July 31 release.

[The Beatles Anthology] reminded me of The Beatles’ standards and the standards that we reached with the songs,” Paul McCartney has shared in a new statement. “So in a way it was a refresher course that set the framework for this album.”

Preorder a copy here.

Rumoured Flaming Pie Tracklist
Disc 1
The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie
Heaven On A Sunday
Used To Be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beautiful Night
Great Day
Disc 2 (CD 2 – Demos & Home Recordings)
The Song We Were Singing [Home Recording]
The World Tonight [Home Recording]
If You Wanna [Home Recording]
Somedays [Home Recording]
Young Boy [Home Recording]
Calico Skies [Home Recording]
Flaming Pie [Home Recording]
Souvenir [Home Recording]
Little Willow [Home Recording]
Beautiful Night [1995 Demo]
Great Day [Home Recording]
Disc 3 (CD 3 – Studio Tracks)
Great Day [Acoustic]
Calico Skies [Acoustic]
C’mon Down C’mon Baby
If You Wanna [Demo]
Beautiful Night [Run Through]
The Song We Were Singing [Rough Mix]
The World Tonight [Rough Mix]
Little Willow [Rough Mix]
Whole Life [Rough Mix]
Heaven On A Sunday [Rude Cassette]
Disc 4 (CD 4 – B-sides)
The Ballad Of The Skeletons
Looking For You
Love Come Tumbling Down
Same Love
Oobu Joobu Part 1
Oobu Joobu Part 2
Oobu Joobu Part 3
Oobu Joobu Part 4
Oobu Joobu Part 5
Oobu Joobu Part 6
Disc 5
Flaming Pie At The Mill (Spoken Word)
Disc 6 (DVD 1)
In The World Tonight (Documentary)
Disc 7 (DVD 2)
Beautiful Night
Making Of Beautiful Night
Little Willow
The World Tonight [Dir Alistair Donald]
The World Tonight [Dir Geoff Wonfor]
Young Boy [Dir Alistair Donald]
Young Boy [Dir Geoff Wonfor]
Flaming Pie Epk 1
Flaming Pie Epk 2
In The World Tonight Epk
Flaming Pie Album Artwork Meeting
Tfi Friday Performances
David Frost Interview

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