Robert Plant Describes Time In Led Zeppelin As ‘Tremendous’ And ‘Frustrating’ In New Interview

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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In a new interview with Uncut MagazineRobert Plant has reflected upon his time fronting iconic rock outfit Led Zeppelin.

Being in a band like Led Zep was tremendous,” Plant relates, “but also quite frustrating because you were in it and it was a democracy.”

It worked when it worked,” he then adds, “and it didn’t work when it didn’t work.”

Plant, who recently shared his intention to release some 40 or more unheard tracks, also discussed his views on going solo after Zeppelin in a recent interview AC/DC‘s Brian Johnstone for the singer’s documentary series Life On The Road.

I don’t mind getting it wrong,” he shared. “I don’t mind if people don’t like it. I just make sure for me that I really mean what I do. You’ve got to mean it, because you’ve only got one shot at a hole in this game.” 

Robert Plant’s new vinyl box set Digging Deep, which will include Led Zeppelin IV Classic ‘Battle Of Evermore‘, is due for release December 13.

You can order a copy of Uncut Magazine containing the interview here.





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