Roger Waters Voices Support For George Floyd Protests

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Sky News

Roger Waters has voiced support for individuals protesting the death of George Floyd.

Floyd was a US citizen who died May 7 after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer’s knee.

WHITE SILENCE IS VIOLENCE!Pink Floyd‘s former creative architect writes via Twitter.

Watch this video!” he continues, linking to a graphic collage of forceful police responses during protests which have followed Floyd’s death.

The Police,” Roger contends, “and those they serve, would rather jack up the violence and burn down the town, than be held accountable under the law.”

How about, Murder in the first degree,” he suggests, “life for killer… How about actual real law?

Waters’ comments also follow a discussion of killing with Brian Eno and political journalist Frank Barat on podcast The COVID-19 Chronicles. 

A Black man in [Minneapolis] was choked to death by four guys two days ago!” Roger Waters exclaimed amidst a broader discussion of human rights.

They choked him to death, murdered him in broad daylight,” he continued. “Nothing has happened, they have been fired. No judicial proceedings have been started against them.

(Legal proceedings have since been instigated from the time Waters made these remarks.)

Obviously,” Waters contended, “that iceberg is not just the tip showing, that iceberg sits on this country. The endemic white supremacist bulls**t of American exceptionalism and racism sits on top of everything, choking the life out of it and making it almost impossible for we human beings to collaborate with one another, transcending our color or our religion or whatever else it may be. These f***ers are trying to build up the bricks of the things that prevent us from acting together… I know I’m rambling.”

While not an American citizen, Roger Waters has resided in the US as a permanent resident since the 1980s.

Holding a critical opinion of US policing, Waters regularly refuses motor escorts to and from his concerts.

The full The COVID-19 Chronicles podcast here.

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