The Foo Fighters Cover Pink Floyd’s ‘Have A Cigar’ On New EP

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Press

If the Foo Fighters  Dave Grohl is known for anything besides his music, it’s a pathological love for classic rock.

The most recent act to fall prey to Grohl’s quest to lather affection upon each and every one of his musical heroes whenever possible is none other than Pink Floyd, who the Foo Fighters pay tribute to on a new EP 01999925.

Released as part of an archival series of the band’s older recordings, the extended player’s second track sees the group tip the hat to Floyd with a cover of 1975 single ‘Have A Cigar‘.

The song was originally recorded in 1999 while the Foo Fighters were working on third album There Is Nothing Less To Lose and appeared as b-side for accompanying single ‘Learn to Fly’.

It’s not the first time the band has voiced their admiration for the band.

When informed Pink Floyd‘s ‘final’ album Endless River had outsold the Foo Fighters own Sonic Highways in 2014 and as such beat the group to the #1 place in the UK albums chart, Grohl was unperturbed.

If we’re going to take a #2 to anybody,” he shared in one interview, “I’ll take it to Pink Floyd, you know what I mean?

The lyrics to the Wish You Were Here the song were originally written by Roger Waters as a commentary on the band’s disorientating success following previous album The Dark Side of the Moon.

There were an awful lot of people who thought Pink Floyd was the name of the lead singer and that was Pink himself and the band,” Waters said of the song in 1992. “That’s how it all came about, it was quite genuine.”






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