Billie Eilish Covers The Beatles ‘I Will’ In New Video

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Press

The first song I learned wasBillie Eilish shares in a new installment of Jame’s Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, “a song by the Beatles which is called ‘I Will.’

Strumming a ukelele, the 18-year-old pop star sings Paul McCartney‘s White Album composition.

Cordon, who has entertained McCartney on the segment in the past, is visibly pleased.

I learned that when I was probably six,” Billie then shares.

This is not the first time Eilish has asserted her Beatles fandom.

Earlier this year she made headlines after partnering with Paul’s daughter Stella to promote the younger McCartney’s Beatles-themed clothing line.

I think that there’s a lot of beauty in the arrangements of her music,” Stella said of Billie while in conversation with Teen Vogue, “the harmonizing and the structure, that’s heavily influenced by the Beatles’ writing and work. [She has] a strong message of identity and staying true to yourself, never compromising. That’s something the Beatles did too.”

In an interview with Variety Billie‘s mother, Maggie Baird also commented on the Beatles connection: “I always say, it was actually the Beatles who taught them to write songs.”

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