King Gizzard’s Stu Mackenzie, Michael Cavanagh, Joey Walker To Reimagine Suspiria Soundtrack For One Off Performance

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Jamie Wdziekonski (@sub_lation)

One doesn’t have to venture too far into the eerie extremities of the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard‘s discography to recognize the influence of Goblin.

Hitting their creative stride in the 1970s, the Italian outfit most famously provided the scores for George A. Romero‘s Dawn of the Dead and Dario Argento‘s Suspiria.

Paying homage to their prog forbears, members of King Gizzard alongside Murder of the Universe narrator Leah Senior and several others will be creating their own take on Argento’s 1977 film.

On March 1st at Australian venue the Arts Centre Melbourne, a ‘supergroup’, consisting of King Gizzard‘s  Stu Mackenzie, Michael Cavanagh, Joey Walker alongside Carolyn Schofield, the aforementioned Leah Senior, Genevieve Fry and the Melbourne Chamber Choir will perform what the event’s organizers promise to be a “truly unique sensory experience.”

Unanimously regarded by fans and critics alike as one of the best horror films ever made,” the event’s press release reads, “Suspiria (1977) was once described by John Carpenter as like ‘being inside of a painting’. A pivotal moment in horror cinema that dispensed the shackles of Hollywood realism and bore to the screen one of cinema’s greatest sensory experiences – a vivid, immersive film defined by its intoxicating celluloid technicolor visuals and Luciano Tovoli’s mind-warping cinematography. For the first time ever, audiences will have the chance to experience Suspiria with a live new score incorporating elements of experimental electronics, baroque classical compositions and psychedelic rock to create a hallucinatory experience matched only by the film itself.”

Susperia‘s soundtrack was also recently reimagined by Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke for a 2018 remake of the film.

I probably should have been very intimidated about the whole thing,” Yorke shared of his own efforts in an interview with NPR,  “but I wasn’t. When I went back and watched the original, I thought, well, OK: The way this is put together is just like a painting. And what Goblin was doing is so incredibly intense. There’s no point in trying to emulate that.”

Those looking to attend can purchase tickets here.


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