New Details Of Led Zeppelin Documentary Emerge

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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New details of Led Zeppelin‘s forthcoming official documentary have emerged.

The film, reported to be in post-production in May last year, contains interviews from all three living members of the band.

The time was right for us to tell our own story for the first time in our own words,” Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones stated at the time of the untitled project’s announcement. “I think that this film will really bring that story to life.

The documentary tells the story of the beginning of the band’s career, following the story of each member pre-fame before tracing its way through the first year of Zeppelin’s career.

It ends in 1970, the year the band released ‘Whole Lotta Love‘ and Led Zeppelin II.

Now, one Zeppelin sleuth has informed Led Zep News of submission at an upcoming film festival titled “Apollo” produced by Paradise Pictures.

With the British production company associated with the director of the Zeppelin film Bernard MacMahon, it seems a likely choice.

Led Zep News also notes the festival submission also list the same type of cameras used on the Zeppelin doc.

With a runtime of two hours and 27 minutes, the film contains a mixture of black and white as well as color footage.

Denoting both the stratospheric ascent to the heavens of the US lunar rockets and the head of the Roman pantheon of mythic gods, ‘Apollo’ would indeed be a fitting title for a film chronicling the beginning Zeppelin’s groundbreaking career.

Adding Creedence tot he claims, the imagery of the band as astronauts were also used on 1999 and 2000 Zeppelin compilation CDs Early Days and Latter Days.

Of course, with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page‘s penchant for secrecy and vocalist Robert Plant‘s love of mystery, it is likely any official details will be left unconfirmed until the last possible moment.

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