Oscar Winning Director Bong Joon-ho Really Wants To Have Dinner With Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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Director Bong Joon-ho may have four Oscars under his belt for the directorial masterstroke of horror-thriller Parasite, sure.

But as sweeping as his dominion over last night’s 92nd Academy Awards may be, there are other ambitions of the 50-year-old filmmaker holds that are, as of yet, unfulfilled.

A Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A Bong completed three months ago reveals Joon-ho has five dream dinner guests.

Two are, unsurprisingly, also directors.

The first is Alfred Hitchcock and the second Martin Scorsese.

Then comes Yuna Kim, a famed South Korean figure skater.

Fourth, Kevin Bruyne, Machester football player.

After this, comes, wait for it.

Jimmy Page.

Bong describes the Led Zeppelin guitarist as a hero of his from high school.

He also reveals that Zeppelin’s first album – Led Zeppelin I – is, alongside the music of film collaborator Jung Jae-Il, Elliot Smith and Donovan, amongst his favorite things to listen to.

Other than this Boon doesn’t add anything more about Page other than that he envisions Jimmy alongside his four other guests “eating Spanish cuisine”.

On the off chance that they met and struck it off, could they also have the potential to work together?

While Page has been inactive as a public musician for some time now, he has tried a hand at film work in past.

After the death of drummer John Bohman led to the disbandment of Led Zeppelin in 198o, Page provided the score to 1982 film Death Wish II.

I had a chance to go in the studio and do some really experimental stuff,” Page shared of his Death Wish II soundtrack in a 2015 interview. “It involved guitar synthesizer, and I was able to work with an orchestra and some very, very fine musicians… It gave me a chance to really work to the visual thing.”

Page would also provide an unused soundtrack to director Kenneth Anger’s controversial 1974 film Lucifer Rising.

You can read Joon-ho’s full Reddit AMA here.


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