Paul McCartney Has Revealed His Workout Playlist

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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Paul McCartney works out.

After all, a man of 77 years, and at that one with a very busy schedule, has to take care of themselves.

But what then does the former Beatle tune in to when he’s pumping iron?

The answer arrives via Paul McCartney’s official website.

“Oh wow! That’s a cool question actually,” McCartney responds when asked. “I happen to have a great old jukebox that Capitol records gave to each of the Beatles years ago.”

While most fitness fanatics should be more at home listening to music on an iPhone or similar device, McCartney it seems is still a little behind the times.

“It happens to be in the gym area,” he explains. “So, I listen to all these old records, rock ‘n’ roll music by Chuck Berry, ‘Something Else‘ by Eddie Cochran, ‘Tutti Frutti’ by Little Richard – it’s endless! I really love it!”

Berry, Richard, and Little Richard were all key influences of the Beatles.

When asked whether using a jukebox is, well, a little cumbersome Paul conceded that it isn’t the most practical solution.

“There’s a credit switch inside,” he shares, “but I used to put a coin in it, all the time! So you put the coin in and it falls through and it would start playing –  until I discovered the credit switch inside! So now they’re all free to play. So yeah, I’ve been really enjoying that a lot recently! You know, just getting stuck in because it’s great little selection of old rock n’ roll.”

When I was a kid, I used to hate P.E., physical exercise,” Paul McCartney once shared of his commitment to keeping in shape. “I used think, ‘Oh, it’s so boring.’ And in the Beatles, you wouldn’t have caught us doing that. We were young; we didn’t have to think about that. It just wasn’t in the repertoire. But nowadays it is, and a lot of people who didn’t ever go to the gym now go and enjoy it. And there is a good feeling when you feel like you can accomplish stuff without falling over.”

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