7 Inspiring Yoko Ono Tweets To Help You With Self Isolation

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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In 1969 Yoko Ono and John Lennon devised a series of bed-ins to promote world peace.

Realizing their March 20 wedding on the isle of Gibraltar would attract a massive amount of media attention, Lennon, and Ono decided to capitalize on the frenzy to broadcast their pacifism and anti-war idealism to the world.

Not long after exchanging vows, the pair traveled to Amsterdam where, after checking into the Hilton Hotel, they would spend the next seven days in bed.

It was far from a conventional honeymoon.

The bed-ins were part of media circus, part performance art.

Every day the newlyweds invited dozens of members press, political figures, and even Beatles fans into their room to discuss their peace crusade.

We thought instead of just being ‘John and Yoko Get Married’,” Lennon later explained of the bed-in,”[it should be] ‘John and Yoko get married and have a bed-in for peace’. So we would sell our product, which we call ‘peace’. And to sell a product you need a gimmick, and the gimmick we thought was ‘bed’. And we thought ‘bed’ because bed was the easiest way of doing it, because we’re lazy. It took us a long train of thought of how to get the maximum publicity for what we sincerely believed in, which was peace – and we were part of the peace movement.”

The pair would repeat the event between the 26th of May 1969 and June 1st at another Hilton Hotel in Montreal.

Some 51 years later, Yoko Ono is self-isolating alongside millions of other Americans.

Located in New York, Ono sits within one of the areas of the US most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With over 59,000 New Yorkers now diagnosed with the virus, the city makes up close to 50% of all cases in the US.

At age 87, Ono also sits within one of the age brackets most vulnerable to the deadly virus.

Nevertheless Ono is, echoing the sentiment of the bed-in some 51 years before, using the period of crisis to spread a positive message.

Tweeting words of wisdom with regular ferocity, Ono has provided several inspiring quotes that can help even the most ardent her critics deal with the difficult times.

Here are seven.

1. Don’t Panic

2. Get Creative 

3. Accept Change

4. Don’t Give In To Fear And Doubt 

5. Fear Blocks Love 

6. Think Good Thoughts 

7. Live In The Light Of Hope 

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