Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Poses Question To Fans On Instagram, Jack Black Responds

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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Reflecting on Led Zeppelin‘s debut 51 years after the album’s release yesterday, Jimmy Page ended his post with a question.

What,” Page asked his following, “is your ultimate track from Led Zeppelin I?”

1,560 enthusiastic Zeppelin fans responded, not least amongst them actor and musician Jack Black.

Good Times Bad Times,” Black wrote, naming the first track from the 1969 album. “Best opening track of ALL TIMES!!!

Black most famously played the character of an amateur rock enthusiast and school teacher, Dewey Finn, in 2003 film School of Rock.

The movie’s plot centered around Finn’s attempts to convince apathetic students of the merits of classic rock acts, including Led Zeppelin.

School of Rock is also notable for ending Zeppelin‘s decades-long veto on use of their music in films.

Impressed by the merits of the story, the surviving members of the group permitted Led Zeppelin III’sImmigrant Song‘ to appear in one of the movies final scenes.

Black also performs in duo Tenacious D, whose biggest commercial hit, 2002’s ‘Tribute‘ paid homage to Led Zeppelin IV‘s ‘Stairway to Heaven‘.

Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock and roll band of all time,” Black said of the band in 2012 during a ceremony where Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were awarded a prestigious Kennedy Centre Honors for their contributions to Amerian culture.

If you don’t agree with me,” the actor continued, “it’s because you never did the Zeppelin marathon. The Zepathon is where you sit your ass down and listen to all nine Zep albums in a row, the thing that every true fan must do at least once in their lifetime. (It’s) the pilgrimage to heavy metal mecca.”

An instant success, the album which has since come to be known as Led Zeppelin I peaked at #10 on the US Billboard Charts after it’s release in 1969.

It has since been certified as an 8X platinum record, having moved over 8 million units in the USA.

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