Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant Spotted With Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi At Nashville Airport

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Getty Images

Black Sabbath Online has shared a photo of guitarist Tony Iommi and Led Zeppelin‘s Robert Plant in one another’s a company at a Nashville airport.

Reportedly there was no great gravity to the occasion, the pair were simply catching the same flight.

The two are on good terms though, with Robert Plant and John Bohman being familiar with several of Sabbath’s members from gigging around Birmingham pre-Zeppelin in the 1960s.

Iommi shared in a recent interview that the two bands jammed on a number of occasions in the 1970s.

Black Sabbath used to jam with Led Zeppelin all the time, ” Iommi told Satellite broadcaster Sirius. “We’d be trying to rehearse and they’d come interrupt us. I’ve got some tapes floating around the house.

In another interview with Classic Rock, Lomi recounted who close to the entirety of Led Zeppelin joined Sabbath in the recording studio in 1975.

We were recording in Morgan Studios in London, and John [Bonhamcame down to see us,” he recalled. “He brought Planty and John Paul Jones — Jimmy Page was the only one who wasn’t there. They came in and John’s going, ‘Let’s play ‘Supernaut’,’ ’cause he loved that song. So he sat behind the kit and we started to play it. Of course, he didn’t play it right, but we just carried on and went into a jam.”

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