Guns ‘N’ Roses Guitarst Richard Fortus Praises Tame Impala In New Interview

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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We just did Austin City Limits Music Festival,” Guns ‘N’ Roses‘ Richard Fortus shares in a new interview with Forbes, “Billie Eilish and Tame Impala were on that bill.”

Those were two people I was excited to see,” he continues. “Unfortunately Tame Impala was on the same time as us.”

(Both headliners, the two bands played competing slots at the October festival.)

I was actually watching them during our set,” he laughs. “I love that band. I could vaguely make out the songs they were playing, but they were playing a mile away. I could see the big screen and hear them cause they were on during our show. It was interesting. I was bummed cause that was one band I really wanted to see.”

While later praising blues artist Gary Clark JR, the guitarist again turns the conversation to Tame.

That’s why I think I’m drawn to [bands like Tame Impala and Gary Clark],” he shares, “because they take chances live. They stretch out and it’s different, it’s not the same every night. There’s an element of danger that comes with that. It could be great or it could be a train wreck and it really just depends on the night and how much you’re willing to put yourself out there.”

While performing at Austin City Limits Tame Impala saluted their co-headliners with a brief cover of Guns ‘N’ Roses’ ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’.

Some amongst Tame Impala fans have also speculated that Parker’s 2019 single ‘Patience’ may have taken the inspiration of its title from the 1987 Guns ‘N’ Roses single of the same name.

Tame Impala released new single ‘Lost In Yesterday‘ earlier this week.

Kevin Parker and the company’s fourth album, The Slow Rush will arrive on February 14.

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