Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason To Star In New Vinyl Documentary

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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Pink Floyd‘s Nick Mason is set to feature in a new documentary exploring a recent resurgence of interest in the vinyl format.

It’s the equivalent [from] when you have the teabag,” Mason shares in the trailer for The Vinyl Revival, “and you have the full Japanese tea set. For me, the Japanese tea set is the right way to approach music.”

Having recorded one of the highest-selling vinyl albums of all time, and at that one which continues to sell in great quantities, the 76-year-old Pink Floyd drummer will no doubt offers an interesting perspective.

In 2019 alone, Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon sold over 90,000 vinyl copies.

In the last decade, it sold more than 376,000.

(This makes it the second highest-selling record of the decade, trailing closely behind the BeatlesAbbey Road, which has sold 558,000 copies.)

A key reason Mason believes to have contributed to the album’s popularity was an explosion in the popularity of hi-fi vinyl record players at the time of Dark Side‘s release in 1973.

Hi-fi stereo had only recently become a mainstream consumer item,” the percussionist writes in biography Inside Out, “an essential fashion accessory for the 1970s homes. As a result, record buyers were particularly aware of the effects of stereo and able to appreciate any album that made the most out of its possibilities. Dark Side had the benefit of becoming one of the definitive test records that people could use on their hi-fi systems.”

The documentary also features Radiohead‘s Philip Selway, Portishead‘s Ade Utley, The Brian Jonestown Massacre‘s Joel Gion, and several others.

The film, titled The Vinyl Revival, will be released via DVD and on digital platforms April 10th.

The release of The Vinyl Revival will arrive within days of Mason’s own concert film and live album Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets Live At The Roundhouse, which is set for release April 17.


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