Watch Billie Eilish Grooving To Tame Impala’s ‘The Less I Know The Better’ After Winning 5 Grammys

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
Graphic by Grammy

After taking home the Grammy award for Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Record, Best New Album, Best Song, and Best New Artist, 18-year-old pop star Billie Eilish could be forgiven for wanting to let off some steam.

New footage from Instagram fan account @papeilish, re-sharing a video taken by an unidentified attendee of the Grammys’ official afterparty, depicts Eilish grooving along to Tame Impala‘s biggest hit to date, Current‘s ‘The Less I Know The Better’.

While Eilish has appeared at several music festivals alongside Kevin Parker and the company, she has yet to publicly acknowledge herself as a Tame fan.

That said the look upon her face might just speak to the fact that she does, in fact, have some appreciation for Tame Impala.

One thing both Kevin Parker and Eilish do share in common is a mutual appreciation for the music of the Beatles.

Elish has expressed her affection for the Fab Four in several interviews and recently performed a ukelele cover of the Beatles ‘I Will’ on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke.

Parker has shared in past that his favorite Beatles track is John Lennon‘s Abbey Road era song ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’.

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