David Gilmour Teases Pink Floyd Reunion

Words by Riley Fitzgerald
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The Later Years project is not the end of Pink Floyd,” David Gilmour shares at the close of podcast series The Lost Art of Conversation.

Just because you want to contemplate on what’s gone before,” he suggests, “does not mean to say that something will not come again.”

This is where it gets interesting.

In my view of all these things,” Gilmour states, “particularly where you have the music world –  which is full of emotional infighting, emotional and distraught elements, some good, some bad, that create the work – you never say never.”

Gilmour is no doubt referring to Pink Floyd’s current situation, where drummer Nick Mason and Gilmour remain the only living members within the group, while Roger Waters sits outside of it after leaving the band in 1985.

All sorts of things could turn on a sixpence,” Gilmour continues. “The Pink Floyd could get back together. The Pink Floyd may never play again. They may record something, they may not. Who knows?

Any future reunion would not be the first time the band temporarily set aside their differences with Roger Waters, as all three reunited in 2005 to appear at the Live 8 charity concert in London.

Gilmour, however, is quick to point out that a new album may come from pre-recorded material.

(Though maintaining his contrary tone, also suggests they the band may also write new songs.)

There’s a whole archive there of new material, unreleased material and material that has got to written in future,” he contends. “You haven’t heard the last of it.”

With the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s iconic album The Dark Side of the Moon approaching in 2023, Gilmour’s words leave a fan’s mind open to a whole raft of speculation.

This said Gilmour earnestly contends that even when it comes to his solo work he has no immediate plans.

I don’t have anything,” he bluntly states. “I’m not being coy. I haven’t started working on anything. I’ve got loads of material leftover from my last album [Rattle That Lock].”

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