Tame Impala Announces ‘InnerSpeaker’ 10th Anniversary Boxed Set 

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Tame Impala have announced a deluxe boxed set to commemorate the 10th anniversary of debut album InnerSpeaker.

Recorded in 2009 in Western Australia,” reads a statement via Tame Impala’s website, “InnerSpeaker was Kevin Parker’s first full-length missive and an explosive invitation into what would become his inimitable psych-tinged world.”

The four-LP set will also include vinyl versions of singles ‘Solitude Is Bliss’, ‘Lucidity’, and ‘Expectation’.

Tame Impala will also provide fans with a collage of album sketches, a “side-long jam”, instrumental versions of album tracks, and a new mix of the original album.

The new material will be accompanied by a 40-page booklet chronicling the story behind the album.

Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker announced the set via a cryptic post on Instagram.


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Parker offered a more in-depth reflection on the record on the album’s anniversary of May 21 earlier this year.

“It makes me very emotional to just look at [the album’s cover],” he recalled, “because it reminds me of what I was going through about a week out from finishing and signing off on the whole album, which scared the shit out of me and at the time seemed like an insurmountable task.”

(Parker’s father Jerry passed away shortly before the album was released.)

Little did I know,” he added, “that was the easiest it was ever going to get.”Interviewed by UPROXX in 2019, Parker provided further insight into the album.

I almost don’t feel like it’s me that made that,” he noted. “It feels like someone else. My scope has just widened. Back then, I was terrified of doing anything other than what I knew how to do and what I liked listening to. I guess I wasn’t as brave as I am now… InnerSpeaker was what the previous five years of my musical life had led up to.”

Upon its release in 2010, InnerSpeaker reinvented a number of Kevin Parker’s viral singles and two home-recorded extended players into a powerful statement of identity.

Its vintage rock feel, stoned vibration, and philosophical themes, quickly earn Parker praise overseas and in his home country of Australia.

While lacking the commercial reach of subsequent albums Lonerism and The Slow RushInnerSpeaker launched Tame Impala’s career as an international act.

To date, it remains a favorite amongst fans.

Tame Impala’s InnerSpeaker 10th Anniversary Boxed Set will arrive March 26, 2021.

Pre-order a copy here.

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